Why Register in the Parish?

St. Mel is a Catholic community of believers from a wide variety of backgrounds at every stage of life; singles and married couples, young and “more experienced,” new to the area or long-time residents

When a pastor accepts a new member’s registration, he also accepts the obligation for that parishioner’s spiritual well-being. For instance, that pastor – or his associate – will be notified if a parishioner is sick or dying, and will be available both in moments of personal crisis and celebration.

Parish registration creates a two-fold obligation: On one hand, the pastor has a duty to support the mission and needs of the parish and its people. Likewise, the individual agrees to support the mission and needs of the parish and his or her fellow parishioners.

You can pick up a registration form today in the Parish Center or register online by clicking here.

Come Join us!

St. Mel Parish Registration Form

Please fill out the top part completely, and include information for at least one adult in the family.