Catholic Relief Services

Help to the world’s poor now

Anselm Varni
Pia Varni

Support programs for people in dire need around the world.  Catholic Relief Services (CRS) has established a Legislative Advocacy Chapter at St. Mel to bring attention to the root causes of poverty and advocate genuine change.  Presently we are focused on early childhood development for children whose lives have turned upside down. Look in the bulletin for future meetings.

The CRS Lenten Rice Bowl Program is designed to bring awareness of the plight of people around the world to our parish family children and adults.  Your help is greatly appreciated- please volunteer.

The Varnis are also involved in St. Denis Ssebuggwawo parish in Chinsapo, Malawi, Africa, where the average grade school classroom has about 130 children per grade with no books or desks. Fr. Julio Feliu wants to start a school with 40 children per classroom with qualified teachers, desks, and books.