Pastoral Council

Advisory Body to the Pastor

The Pastoral Council advises the Pastor on issues relating to the Parish Community, the Archdiocese and the Universal Church. The Pastor, in consultation with the Pastoral Council, develops the vision for the Parish Community. Parishioners who are interested in serving as at-large members participate in an application and discernment process, prior to appointment by the Pastor.


Current Members

Father Steve Davoren, Pastor

Father Vivian Ben Lima, Senior Priest

Father Francis Kim, Associate Pastor

Mary Beth Giordano, School Principal

Lisa Feliciano, Parish Business Manager

Kerry Edwards, Parish Liturgy Coordinator

Monica Matthews, Parish Evangelization

Sheryl Alzona, Pastoral Council Chair

Karen Genne, Pastoral Council Vice Chair

Kathy Colombano

Jutta Fischenich, Secretary

Jim Hallissy Finance Council Chair

Tom Keep

Genevieve Lane

Jennifer Porter

Johanna Santi

Katherine Stark

To contact the Pastoral Council via email click HERE Or call 818.340.6020 x3022.